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On-Course Golf is dedicated to the construction, renovation and restoration of high-quality golf courses within a time frame and a budget to meet your needs. We have the experience necessary to complete the most demanding challenges. Headquartered in Acton, Massachusetts, we are strategically located to quickly serve the entire Metrowest area and beyond. Whether you need a single tee rebuilt, or desire to restore a classic course to its former glory, On-Course Golf is the company you need.

Our Process

We start each potential project discussion by asking specific questions & listening closely to your answers:

​Topics we cover include...

  • What issues are you trying to resolve and what circumstances allowed it to get to the condition that it is presently in?

  • What are the maintenance procedures that you would like to use in the grow-in and on-going maintenance of this area once completed?

  • What suppliers have you used in the past and what materials do you prefer?

  • Are there other areas on the golf course that you would like this project to resemble aesthetically?


Golf Course Design and Construction

We are very collaborative, from experiencing the site with you to formulating a plan together that meets both your needs as well as the needs of the surrounding environment and the overall aesthetic of your particular property. 

Our many years in the golf course industry allow us to provide you with the expertise and organization required to complete your project within the timeframe and budget you expect, and with minimal disruption to those who play and work on your course. 


Golf Course Design and Construction

In the field, our emphasis is on performing our work in an accurate, clean, and timely manner, and
on keeping the affected area as limited as possible.

Our expert shapers use the lightest, most ‘golf-course-appropriate’ construction equipment available to ensure your project is done correctly and that the impact is kept to a minimum.


Golf Course Design and Construction
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